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Which franchise(s) are you interested in?
         Brewster's Chicken
         Carla's~ Sandwiches&Burgers
         Galaxy - Sandwiches and Panini's
         Italian Joe's
         NJ Grill
         Tranquility~ Coffee Roaster & Tea House
         World EXPRESS Market (c-stores)

What type are you interested in?
         Single Unit Franchisee
         Area Developer
         Master Franchisee

* US franchisees can sign a single unit or Area Developer Agreement,
*International franchisees must sign an Area Developer or Master Franchise Agreement

What is your time frame to open the location?
         1-3 Months
         4-6 Months
         7+ Months

What is your current occupation?

Where are you interested in opening your CEF franchise?

Have you ever owned a food franchise before?  Yes No
If yes, which franchise?

What is your approximate net worth?
How much liquid capital do your have for this business?

How will you finance this venture?

Do you plan to have an equity partner?  Yes No

Do you plan to have an operational partner?  Yes No

Will you devote full-time to this business?  Yes No

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