Premium Quality, LLC

Roast & Steep

Roast & Steep franchisees operate a fast-casual coffee store, offering several different formats that may offer drive-through, carry-out, and in-store seating service of coffee, espresso, loose leaf tea, wine, smoothies, baked goods, other food options, retail goods, and other items under the "Roast & Steep" brand.

Complete Express Foods, LLC


Freshzza franchisees operate a fast-casual custom pizza store that offers: pizza, pasta, and chicken wings; a few side items and desserts. The franchisee may choose to offer beer, as well. 

The stores are ideal for shopping malls, airports, in-line and end-cap strip centers. 

The concept allows for limited staffing and no hood system is required. 

CoBranding Concepts, LLC has just launched several new Co-Branding opportunities that will work well within nontraditional sites such as: C-stores, Truck Stops, Airports & Hospitals. They fit in small footprints, need limited staffing, and have a limited but satisfying menu. 

These brands don't have a traditional royalty fee; but instead, the food distributor will mark-up each item on your orders. This process allows you to determine retail costs with no need to send us a weekly or monthly royalty payment. 

Having a team with global food concept development experience, we have established these new start-ups to meet the needs of all entrepreneurs that are looking for a franchisor that will work with them towards financial success.

Our philosophy of Quality, Quantity, with Quick-service will exceed your expectations when combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction.

​These Brands are also available as Food Truck opportunities.

CoBranding Concepts LLC

Brewster's Chicken

Brewster's Chicken franchisees operate a fast-casual chicken restaurant, that offers: chicken sandwiches, tenders, and wings. Our sides include: mashed potatoes w/gravy, mac&cheese, and coleslaw. A delicious cornbread mini-loaf is available, too. The franchisee may choose to offer beer, as well. 

SouthEast Burgers

SouthEast Burgers franchisees operate a fast-casual hamburger restaurant, that offers: hamburgers and philly cheesesteaks. We allow our customers to choose either: Fries, Onion Rings, or Sweet Potato Fries. The franchisee may choose to offer milkshakes and/or beer, as well. 

Galaxy Sandwiches

Galaxy Sandwiches franchisees operate a fast-casual sandwich concept, that offers: hot and cold sandwiches, potato chips, and fresh baked cookies.

The franchisee may choose to offer beer, as well. 

Creamery & Cookies

Creamery & Cookies franchisees operate a premium dessert concept that offers: Gelato, Sorbert, Ice Cream, and fresh baked Cookies.  Shakes are available, too. 

This concept is a great co-branding concept for all three core brands and allows for extra sales during non-peak meal times.